"May I recommend Pam Lyons to you as a talented communicator. Pam loves God’s Word which is evident in her thorough research and preparation. She enjoys speaking on a variety of topics from apologetics to topical studies like The Worn Out Woman. It is evident that Pam especially likes the time spent in Biblical study as we listened to her messages from Lost Women of the Bible. She relates personal illustrations in her messages with warmth and a sense of humor." Robbie Brooks, Associate Pastor Shiloh Community Church 

"Pam blessed our women's retreat with her humor, humility and love. She guided us with compassion and understanding and brought us from 'Worn Out Woman to Warrior.' Pam helped us to peel away our masks, to be authentic and real with one another, to praise Him and rejoice together as sisters in Christ, then walked with us to the throne." Bonnie A.
What others are saying...
Christian Speaker & Writer
"Pam truly exemplifies the title of the book she gave me, “A Woman After God’s Own Heart”.  She was my “God sent Angel” when I was struggling with a failing marriage and felt God was distant & didn’t care. Thru her sharing of God’s Wisdom, her knowledge of God’s Word, assuring of His unconditional love & acceptance, and her prayers, I now am trusting & serving an awesome God.  God has called her to minister to others and I am privileged to know, first hand, of her ability to do so." Marlene B.
“God used Pam’s teaching from His Word to enlighten, convict, and encourage me in my faith walk. I came away from the retreat that I attended more aware of areas in my life that I needed to work on and of God’s amazing love for me.” Rebecca L.

"Pam is capable of doing anything because she knows that she can do all things through Christ. Her ability to talk to people and make them feel comfortable does not come easy to most. But, God has given Pam a special gift to relate to people, to make them feel important, and know that they are loved.” Dina L.

“Pam’s genuine love for serving the Lord is evident through her involvement in various areas of church ministry. Over the years she (and her husband, Steve) have led home life groups, she has been involved with women’s ministries, and has played a vital role on Shiloh ’s mission team. Her insightful words of discernment and encouragement come from a spiritual maturity one acquires only through a personal and intimate relationship with their heavenly Father.” Christina V.